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20S1_Project 08 - PoolBuddy

PoolBuddy is a multifunctional swimming assistance /training apparatus. The device compactly packs together multiple devices that aid beginners with developing the skills required for effective swimming.

PoolBuddy is founded based on the shared experience of Australian swimmers and trainers. Unlike anything existed in the current market, PoolBuddy, which is designed specifically for swimmers who are progressing from a casual to a professional, is a tri-functional swimming equipment that is a combination of three essential swimming equipment namely kickboard, pull-buoy and hand paddles. As kickboard is predominantly for training legs movement, pull-buoy is for arms movement and hand paddles is for resistance training, these pieces of equipment are key components for any swimmer development; in combination, they forms a comprehensive swimming pack, which is the main reason

why PoolBuddy is designed to have all these functionalities. This idea of combo equipment not only maximize the value that our product can bring to the customers (in this case, the value triples), it can also bring down the cost of production, which in turn, bring expensive and various types of swimming equipment closer to any swimming lovers. PoolBuddy, which will be known suits everyone’s money and swimming competency, will also be known about its easy and ergonomic transformability. At PoolBuddy, our focus is on our customer experience so that every aspects of user interfaces are meticulously considered as it is to be discovered in the transformation of our designs.


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