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18S1_Project 04 - Louvre King

Louvre’s are very time consuming and difficult windows to clean. Many homeowners and professionals struggle with using a standard squeegee because of awkward wrist movements, poor edge finishes and inefficient cleaning methods that make the job more time consuming. Although there is currently a louvre cleaning tool on the market that is a double-bladed clamp squeegee, faults have been identified in its design that concern its distribution of pressure from the handle, its excess water management and its expensive price tag of $50. This product, the ‘Louvre King’, is designed with a parallel handle to minimise wrist movement during the cleaning process, a more robust clamping mechanism for better durability and a curved channel for the removal of excess water in one stroke. The theory behind the curved channel is to enable the squeegee to smoothly transition from a horizontal stroke to a pull-back stroke in the one movement. By doing this, the product will eliminate the need to wipe the blades for a second stroke. One important consideration that the design addresses is a person choice between their left or right hand. To accommodate this preference we have curved both ends of the channel and made a clamp that is able to easily flip the handle’s direction 180 degrees.

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