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20S1_Project 10 - Slicey Dicey

“A cutting edge design that slices away recycling frustrations. The Slicey Dicey is a cutting attachment for

recycling bins that cuts down on overloaded bins and promotes better recycling practice.”

This is a product that can be attached to any recycling bin to assist user in cutting up large carboard boxes adjacent to the bin, which facilitating the improved packing of cardboard boxes or paper material in the recycling bin. This will encourage users to fully utilize and recycle cardboard boxes and other paper recyclable. The Slicey Dicey brings convenience toward the consumer in multiple ways. The Slicey Dicey eliminates the frustration of manually folding and tearing cardboard boxes in multiple ways. Firstly, the Slicey Dicey is mounted on a bin which means there is always a physical reminder to cut up cardboard and in turn encourages consumers to constantly do so. Secondly, the Slicey Dicey will not get lost. As the Slicey Dicey is not a handheld tool, storage and retrieval need not be constantly considered.


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