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20S1_Project 06 - Kompilers

Compliant mechanisms have become of interest to the physics and engineering world in recent years due to the extensive list of benefits over conventional mechanisms such as hinges, linkages and axles, which employ rigid parts connected by articulating joints.Compliant mechanisms generate motion through the deflection of elastic members, which allow for complex motion from relatively simple topologies.Compliant mechanisms take a lot of inspiration from nature.Most moving objects in nature are not completely stiff but involve flexible members to generate motion.Using biomimicry, we can recreate the motion of pliers by harnessing intentional flex points to produce the range of motion we require.The idea of the Compliers was born from our need, as tool users, for an alternative to the expensive, complex locking pliers on the market today.By incorporating compliant mechanisms into our design, Innovation Inc. were able to reduce the parts list to a single piece.

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