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17S1_Project 10 - Tyreless wheel

The students proposed a design of a wheel without tyres. The report was rather well written although more effort could have been made in the technical analysis. There was little work on stress analysis using finite element analysis although it is obvious that this would be the primary failure mechanism of a product like this. It is also unclear how the wheel can be mounted based on the CAD model presented. One important thing to note is that students have taken the approach of design-analyse rather than analyse-design. Typically, a good product design involves iterations and this is especially true for a product in this example but no iterations were demonstrated. In terms of innovation, there is already existing product in the market. In terms of feasibility, there is no evidence that this is a product that will sell in the consumer market and will also take a considerable amount of effort to get it approve by road safety authority. There is hence little or no potential to commercialise this product.

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