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17S1_Project 6 - Automatic Accessibility Ramp

The students have came out with the concept of an automatic accessible ramp to solve the problem of accidents caused by the existing large physical gaps between the train and platform. While the problem is well founded and convincing (the students are commended for identifying such relevant and critical engineering problem in our society), the students have unfortunately designed an unrealistic product. For example, the product requires space to implement but students are not aware of the actual space available in existing trains. Note also that there are more than on type of Sydney trains and what would be this implications be on the proposed product design? The product requires power to operate but students are clueless on the feasibility to tap power from trains. It is also not difficult to envisage that this is likely to create usability issues. For example, when can the ramp be safely retrieved in order for it not to be damaged by the train door? Will this product solve the gap issue but create another safety hazard for passengers? Clearly in this case, there is no potential at all to take this product further beyond its current form. The project was poor as vague solutions to couple the motor and the ramp was proposed. There is an absence of evidence that the product can be used in trains.

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