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17S1_Project 3 - Tradie Fridge

The students presented the concept of a fridge for tradies and detailed design is similar to a conventional fridge and requires the use of refrigerant. The need of a tradie fridge was not well-founded given the weight of the product and size which limits it to chill the type of food make this product seems somewhat impractical. One of the biggest problem here is that the product chosen is a huge design undertaking and there are not enough details on the manufacturing and assembly of the different components and parts of the product. The body case presented in page 16 for example is simplistic and has no details for the housing of the coils and compressor. More importantly, it is not clear how all the parts are coming together neatly to build the product. Although some compressor and heat transfer analysis are provided in the report, there are little information on how these can work collectively.

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