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17S1_Project 2 - Electric Assistive Toilet Seat

The students came out with a reasonably creative idea to produce low cost electric assistive toilet seats for old folks and have supported their market research with evidence. Although there are other similar products (different design) in the market place, their design differentiates by having this made at a significantly lower cost. The design in its current form is not entirely feasible. For example, it is not convincing enough whether this is usable from the antropometrics and ergonomics point of view. Also, can the frame be used with a variety of toilet seats? Also, can the toilet be flushed easily with the frame installed? Is the frame bolted on the floor and what are the consequences if not? The project would have scored higher if the product was demonstrated to design around a CAD toilet seat. Some basic stress analysis was performed but results presented are not comprehensive. A few mechanisms of failure in the product have been accurately identified and analysed (see figure 1 and 4) but the scales presented in the figures are so small that it is difficult to assess whether the results are meaningful. There is potential for this design to attract external stakeholders with additional design effort and iterations. Hence, the project has scored well in Potential.

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